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Gene-environment research clearly
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Bridging the gap for Researchers

Bridging the gap for Researchers

Bridging the gap for Researchers

A Powerful Search Tool Transforming the Study of Genetics and Health

Standardized terminology allows users to create an alphabetical index for any given topic, or for combinations of multiple topics. Stepwise use of such indexes allows unprecedented information drill-down (drill-down indexing), and discovery of otherwise hidden relationships between genes, health conditions, and potential risk modifiers. View Tutorial.

Bridging the Gap Between Nature and Nurture®

Nutrigenetics is the interplay between nutrition and your own genetics as an individual. For example, based on your genetics, you may benefit from more, or less, of certain vitamins or minerals – such as folic acid, or iron, respectively. A closer look at nutrition and research involving genetics helps to explain this.


What's good for one person's diet is not necessarily good for another. For instance, alcohol consumption in moderation provides health benefits for most adults, but for those who carry a certain genetic variation, regular use can increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease.


Genetics alone do not determine your future health and well-being. Instead, it's the interaction between your genetics and your environment, including but not limited to nutrition. Our database includes all types of interactions such as lifestyle, social environment, pharmaceuticals, etc.


It's no longer a question of nature versus nurture; rather, it's their combination that matters most.

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