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More nutrition precision, better decisions for the health of our nation.

This article describes the advantages of precision nutrition over population-based nutritional guidelines, the need for allocating more resources toward this end, and the anticipated advantages, including the reduction of healthcare costs while also improving quality of life.

Oxytocin receptor gene polymorphisms and early parental bonding interact in shaping Instagram social behavior. Free

Vitamin D and its receptor polymorphisms are associated with glaucoma.

Can a lifestyle genomics intervention motivate patients to engage in greater physical activity than a population-based intervention? Results from the NOW Randomized Controlled Trial. Free

Genome-wide association study of suicide death and polygenic prediction of clinical antecedents.

The major genetic risk factor for severe COVID-19 is inherited from Neanderthals. Free

The authors report rs35044562 as the index risk variant, but also list in their extended data table 1 a number of other genetic variants with high linkage disequilibrium (i.e., which are highly-correlated/associated with the rs35044562 risk variant), including rs10490770. Free PDF was found on the publisher's site when accessed 1 Oct 2020:

Short-term, combined fasting and exercise improves body composition in healthy males. Free

Free PDF found on the publisher's site when accessed 12 Oct 2020:

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